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The Electronic Components Industry Association (ECIA) is made up of the leading electronic component manufacturers, their manufacturer representatives and authorized distributors. ECIA members share a common goal of promoting and improving the business environment for the authorized sale of electronic components. Comprised of a broad array of leaders and professionals representing all phases of the electronics components supply chain, ECIA is where business optimization, product authentication and industry advocacy come together. ECIA members develop industry guidelines and technical standards, as well as generate critical business intelligence. 

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Message from the President

ECIA and NAM (National Association of Manufacturers) Campaign Against Tax Increases

The U.S. House Ways and Means Committee is considering legislation to increase taxes by approximately $2 trillion over the next decade as part of the Build Back Better Act (the budget reconciliation bill). The bill will negatively impact manufacturers across the U.S in every industry sector. The NAM has formally opposed this legislation and released a statement found here. 

This plan represents trillions in new taxes, and according to the NAM’s groundbreaking studies, would cost us more than 1 million American jobs in just the first two years. The average annual reduction in employment would be equivalent to 500,000 to 600,000 jobs each year over 10 years. Your support for the NAM’s campaign is critical. NAM has created the resources needed to make outreach easy and effective.

On Friday, Oct. 1, 2021, ECIA hosted special NAM guests Michael O’Brien, AVP Advocacy, and Christopher Netram, VP Tax and Domestic Policy. The session focused on the impact of proposed tax increases on U.S. manufacturers, provided tax policy perspective as well as engagement opportunities for our member companies. You can view the webinar recording here.

David Loftus
President & CEO


Signs of Stabilizing Growth in Electronic Component Sales

Dale Ford, Chief Analyst

The latest results from ECIA’s Electronic Component Sales Trend (ECST) surveys for September and Q3 2021 point to an apparent stabilization of growth in recent months following wide swings in growth expectations over the past 20 months. The index average for growth expectations for overall components ranged between 120.0 and 127.0 between September and the October outlook.  Similarly, expectations for overall end-market growth fell within a range of 111.4 and 115.4 in the same period.  By comparison, the overall component index fell from 157.7 to 127.0 between March and August 2021 with the end-market index following a similar profile. 

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Member of the Week:

We are pleased to honor Flip Electronics as our Member of the Week!

Flip Electronics is redefining authorized distribution by solving the supply chain challenges caused by component obsolescence. They are data driven experts who strategically acquire, stock & support EOL, Excess, Aged, & Discontinued Products. 

The six year old company recently moved into a new 73,900 sq.ft. office/warehouse facility in Alpharetta, Georgia. CEO, Jason Murphy, is proud to note they also have been recognized for their outstanding growth the 2nd year in a row by Inc 5000 and Georgia’s Fast 40. 

Bill Bradford, Flip Electronics President, was previously CEO for ECIA. Bill also currently takes an active role on the e-learning committee in progress. ECIA is grateful for the continued support from Bill and the entire Flip Electronics team! 

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Weekly Member Newsletter

Oct. 20: Webinar on TSCA Update - EPA Creates New Restrictions; Webinar Recording Library; Member of the week, Flip Electronics; Did You Know, Lectrix



Industry Dashboard

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Top 50 Global Authorized Distributors - 2020

New ECIA research has resulted in the production of the first “true” Top 50 Worldwide Authorized Distributor research with valuable detail on the major Asian countries in the electronic components and equipment supply chain.  While there are lists presented as “Top 50” worldwide distributors they all appear to only include a subset of companies that is strongly oriented to Americas and EMEA companies.  The companies headquartered in Asia are commonly overlooked even though they play a large role in the global distribution industry.

According to the research presented in this article, Asia accounted for over 75% of the Top 50 authorized distributor global revenues in 2020.  The Americas and EMEA distribution markets come in far behind at 13.4% and 11.4% respectively.  In addition, 39 out of the top 50 authorized distributors are headquartered in Asia and account for over 63% of distribution revenues in this analysis.

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100 Years of the Authorized Channel 

What's your story? Many companies in the electronics industry are celebrating milestone anniversaries. With a nod to the industry’s start on Radio Row, it is the perfect time to celebrate 100 years of the Authorized Channel and its impact on the tech industry and society.

ECIA is assisting in the creation of an e-book that recognizes the visionaries and founders of our industry, the companies that made a difference, technology, operational advancements, and the Association - which has helped spur the growth and value of the channel.  View detailed information and ad specifications. Select from a full-page advertorial spread, full page or half-page ad. 

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Design Registration

The ECIA’s Global Industry Practices Committee (GIPC) has reached a milestone in its Design Registration program initiative. One critical objective of the initiative is to substantially improve the efficiency of the cross-enterprise design registration process by developing a ‘Smart’ version that can leverage AI and other digital solutions. 

Phase 2 began with a newly formed work group of Subject Matter Experts. Attributes of a desired-future state registration process were delineated based on the 2020 research, and by building consensus among the key stakeholders.. This consensus document was recently completed and accepted. The work group now begins the process of evaluating trending technology companies for compatibility to the Desired-Future State model. 

Environmental Compliance 

This GIPC subgroup met recently to discuss matters that impact the electronic component industry. Updates were provided on issues such as PIP 3.0; SCIP and Prop 65. ECIA works with a number of third-party companies that specialize in these areas and provide ECIA members a way to stay on top of these important issues. For more information about Environmental Compliance, see Issues & Practices (ecianow.org). 

For more information on GIPC activities, please contact Don Elario