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Primary Contact

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Contact Information

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The Trust Bridge™ offers organizations a unique combination of expertise, advice, and practical implementation, combined with independently accredited training, in the data privacy and protection and in cyber security.  We operate with all the touchpoints of data protection: GDPR (General Data Protection Act), as well as US State Privacy laws including CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act), and other global data privacy regulations, PECR (Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations) and linked e-privacy laws.

The Trust Bridge™ team delivers confidence and reassurance that wherever you operate and however you engage in data protection and privacy issues, across one or multiple locations, our knowledge and approach can be tailored to the needs of your business, organization or association.

Products and Services

The Privacy Alignment Pathway

TTB has developed a 5 Step Pathway to help align your organization with data protection and privacy regulations: (CCPA, GDPR and beyond)

  • STEP 1:  The Window onto your data: create and review your public facing documents
  • STEP 2: Mapping the Data Flow: know what data you hold, where and why
    Examine and document the principles of data processing
    The management of customer’s (data subjects’) rights
  • STEP 3: Lawful Bases for Processing and Documenting: creating the legally required documents
  • STEP 4: Data Breach and Risk Management: notifying and rectifying
  • STEP 5: Technical and Organizational Management: Implementation of practical processes

Data Professional Support Services (virtual Data Protection Officer)

All organizations need professional data protection and The Trust Bridge provides an organization’s existing team with additional support without the associated cost of recruitment or personnel management.  The Trust Bridge can provide the wisdom, experience and skills needed to make sure that your organization satisfies the supervisory authorities and ensures ongoing trust from your employees and stakeholders or customers alike.

We offer a number of support advisory services on a monthly basis.

Nominated European Representative Service

  • Do you offer goods and services internationally (outside the US)?
  • Do you offer goods and services to the UK and / or EU?
  • Do you have employees based in the UK or EU?

If the answer is yes to any of the questions above, there is a legal requirement that US based organizations must now meet. Access the Trust Bridge webinar discussion of the new data protection requirement associated with UK legislation and the GDPR. It applies to organizations that are managing data in the UK and EU.  Listen in to learn about the major issues an organization must consider, including the requirement of appointing a Nominated European Representative (NER) for your organization.

Data Due Diligence

In line with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act)  and other domestic and global data protection regulations being introduced, The Trust Bridge (TTB) runs an audit service for organizations who are undertaking any due diligence on a 3rd party organization. (Investment, M&A, Supply Chain)

TTB will report on the status of any 3rd party organization to ensure either that it is aligned with these regulations or report where there are current and potential problem areas and recommend remedial action.  Where required, we work with the client to implement the necessary changes to operations and procedures to comply with governmental regulations.

Nominated European Representative Service

While the GDPR is a European regulation, many organizations outside of Europe will be unaware that they are required to appoint a Nominated European Representative under certain conditions, e.g. if they are doing business with EU citizens.

The Trust Bridge can offer a Nominated European Representative Service (a legal requirement under GDPR Article 27) as well as a UK Representative office

Education and Training

The Trust Bridge™ offers training seminars to help senior management teams and all personnel understand what they need to know and do to ensure the company is on an ongoing basis with Data Privacy and Cyber Security regulations including CCPA / CCPA, CPRA, HIPAA, COPPA, CAN-SPAM.

Our e-learning courses have been accredited by the global independent certification body, Cepas Bureau Veritas. CEPAS is the Personnel and Training Courses certification arm of Bureau Veritas, the recognized world leader in testing, inspection and certification services. ​

In addition, The Trust Bridge's Breach course "Data Breach and How to Manage it" is an APMG International & National Cyber Security Center Certified Training Course. APMG has been appointed as the independent Certification Body for GCHQ, the UK government’s intelligence, cyber and security agency (NCSC).

​This course has a APMG accredited exam associated with it and a digital badge is available to successful candidates

In addition, our online courses are available through our learning portal

  1. Introduction to the Principles of Data Protection
  2. Data Breaches and How to Manage them
  3. Marketing in the new Data Privacy Era                                                                                               


TTB can run workshops on specific issues, with in-depth discussion, case studies and practical advice and exercises, with the objective of ensuring that all personnel not only understand the concepts and policies relating to data protection, but consider how to use and implement them on a regular day to day basis.

Cyber Incident Simulation Workshop

Are you prepared should your organization be hit by a Cyber Attack?

TTB’s Cyber Incident Simulation Workshops get you ready to protect your organisation.

  • Prepare
  • Respond
  • Rebuild

Real life simulations demonstrate how you need to respond, whilst under pressure, to make sure your organisation will survive a cyber attack.

Our Cyber Simulation exercises replicate real cyber / security / ransomware incidents, and demonstrate what can happen, so you can see what to do to minimize the effect on your organisation, and respond appropriately. Accredited by the International Association of Risk and Communication (IARCC), we work with legal, technical and regulatory experts as well as communication crisis teams.

New! ADPP from The Trust Bridge

ADPP - the Arena for Data Protection Professionals, is a peer to peer community where we discuss issues surrounding data, privacy and protection, regulations and cyber security...and much much more. Brought to you by The Trust Bridge® in conjunction with ADPP, the peer to peer community for all Data Protection Professionals.

Value to ECIA Members

By undertaking the Data Protection Alignment process, any organization achieves a co-ordinated multi pronged approach to GDPR and CCPA which accelerates alignment to the new global data protection requirements. With a clear plan, progress monitoring, subsequent review and evidence based decisions can be made to deliver best practice and compliance readiness.

The process will help reduce the length of time a specialist resource is needed and gives you the ability to review and modify action plans/ roadmaps and delivery throughout the process, while identifying new risks and potential mitigation.

The Alignment process will achieve Board level understanding of the opportunities and challenges inherent in the new regulations,  enabling development of a strategic plan and roadmap to deliver focus,  direction and compliance with GDPR / CCPA governance and accountability.

It will provide an agreed direction for legacy data, current data and future proofing capabilities ensuring alignment with  laws and will demonstrate to the regulator that you are investing in activity and taking tangible steps towards full compliance.

The assessment reports will present a clear picture of the current position relating to the data held, how it is handled and managed, and the data flowing through the wider supply chain.

Relationship with ECIA

The Trust Bridge provides a series of webinars in conjunction with ECIA on the subjects relating to cyber and data protection, including

  • Data Protection and Compliance by Design
  • Age Verification and Parental Control
  • Data Breaches and Cyber Security Incidents and how to manage them
  • Marketing in the Data Privacy Era
  • Intellectual Property and its commercial worth as a data asset

We offer the webinars listed but can also develop webinars to meet the  needs of ECIA members.

We offer a free half hour consultation with any member to help protect your revenue & reduce risk through data protection compliance. 

Our free 30 minute strategy sessions look at the critical risks that your organization may face, identifying the key priority areas for remedial action.

We will contribute regular articles to newsletters and blog posts on topics related to data management, governance and cyber security.