January 3, 2024, ECIA Newsletter 

Happy New Year From ECIA! 


ECIA wishes you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR! We look forward to accomplishing great things with our valued members in 2024. 

May the upcoming New Year usher in a wealth of prosperity and ongoing success for you and your loved ones. 

We appreciate your continued support, and we look forward to the exciting year that lies ahead.

2023 ECIA Annual Report

As we close the chapter on 2023, we celebrate the year of progress with you all, our valued members.The year unfolded swiftly but it was marked by substantial achievements with the Association. 

The collaborative spirit that our members brought to our community has been a driving force behind the positive impact we've made in the realm of our Association's goals and objectives. We celebrate our members and the many successes of 2023. 

To delve deeper into our accomplishments, we invite you to explore the 2023 ECIA Annual Report flip book or download the pdf.

Membership Renewal

It's membership renewal time! 

ECIA thanks you for a great year of projects, events and new membership! 

Members received the 2024 ECIA membership dues invoice on November 17. The due date for all renewals is February 29, 2024. 

**To access your renewal invoice, please login and click on the “My Profile” link under your name badge. If your company hasn’t already paid the renewal, you will see a button that says Renew Now. You will pay your invoice selecting "Renew Now." 

Distributors: Don't forget toself-certify that your organization meets the ECIA Distributor membership requirements:

  1. Are primarily engaged in the authorized distribution of electronic components, equipment, and supplies; and 
  2. Clearly disclose on all published line cards, web pages, and other electronic or printed media which manufacturers, product, or part numbers are not authorized for resale by the product’s manufacturer. 
  3.  “Primarily engaged” as used in this section is defined as deriving more than a majority (51%+) of the organization's revenue from the authorized sale of electronic components and not from manufacturing, contract manufacturing and/or value-added distribution. 
  4. Authorized distribution” as used in this section is defined as stocking and reselling electronic components, equipment, and supplies pursuant to a written contract with the manufacturer of those products.  For purposes of this definition, a bill of sale, authorized to sell letter, or similar documents, are not considered written contracts.

ECIA News and Communications


Catch up on what is happening at ECIA with ECIA Communications. 

Miss a newsletter? Need updates on a new announcement from ECIA? Check out the ECIA Communications page. 

The content on this page has event and industry news from "The Source," the ECIA weekly newsletter, press releases and key stories from other news. 

Read more. 

ECIA Research and Analysis 

ECIA offers its members insight into the industry and a variety of market trends information. Members can log into the website and visit the Stats & Insights page to access an increasing number of statistical reports. Some are available to the public, some to members and others are only accessible to those who participate in the survey.

Recent reports:

Visit the stats and insights drop down menu on our website for more information.

Member of the Week


ECIA is pleased to honor Coakley, Boyd and Abbett as our Member of the Week! 

Coakley, Boyd and Abbett (CBA) was founded in 1939 as a Manufacturers’ Representative in New England and has recently expanded to Upstate New York. As the Electronics Market shifted, so has Coakley, Boyd and Abbett’s line card and footprint. In 1985, they expanded to the Metro NY/NJ market and continue to serve the Northeast.  

CBA has been an ECIA member for more than 13 years. We are grateful for the years of support.

Contact Info:

Electronic Components Industry Association

310 Maxwell Road, Suite 200, Alpharetta, GA 30009