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October 16, 2023



Executive Committee Announces Session on Generative AI
Graham Kilshaw and Geoffrey Forman of Lectrix explain what it means for sales and marketing.

Atlanta — ECIA’s Executive Conference, is a few days away! Members of the planning committee for the conference scheduled for October 22-24 at the Loews Chicago O'Hare Hotel are excited to welcome attendees to Chicago for a day and a half packed with ways to network, learn, and have some fun at the same time. This year’s theme is ‘Making Waves – the Power of You’ and attendees can expect some surprises.

The sessions reflect the hot topics of the industry, including one of the hottest: the impact of generative AI on our business practices.

Lectrix has been following the remarkable growth of applications for generative AI since it came on the scene last year. We've all heard about it. Generative AI reshaped the expectations for 2023 and it will have a longstanding impact on your business, whether that’s in operational tools or end customer applications. But outside of “AI will take our jobs!”, what does it mean for sales and marketing? Join Graham Kilshaw and Geoffrey Forman of Lectrix for a session that isn’t “The Top 10 Prompts for ChatGPT.” Instead, they’ll discuss AI as an expansion of your resources, the rapidly changing platform ecosystem, and risks ranging from uncertain regulations to accidental plagiarism and intentional theft.  The session is titled ‘The Present and Future of AI: Anticipated Developments, Implications, and Regulations’. They will also take a deep dive on the topic in a Breakfast Roundtable on Tuesday.

Get the latest information on the conference now. The Executive Conference runs October 22-24 at the Loews O’Hare hotel.

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