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May 8, 2023



Top 50 Distributors of 2022 Report Published
ECIA Chief Analyst Dale Ford Compiles Insights from Industry Executive Interviews

Atlanta — This year’s Top 50 Americas Authorized Distributors Report is now available for download. This comprehensive and highly anticipated annual analysis is authored by ECIA Chief Analyst Dale Ford and published by Electronics Sourcing North America. The report is derived from detailed surveys, extensive analysis of company data, and interviews with company executives.

“Interviews with experienced distribution executives yield important understanding regarding major issues confronting authorized electronics components supply chain participants,” explained Ford. “As part of the survey to identify the ‘Top 50 Americas Authorized Distributors,’ executives were asked to rate the level of severity they anticipate for various supply chain challenges. The results for 2023 are compared to the responses for 2022. The good news is that almost every category saw a reduction in the level of anticipated challenge. Increasing costs, inflation, recruiting new talent and inventory management were identified as the areas of greatest concern.”

The report includes frank and thoughtful discussions from the industry’s leading executives about the future direction of the industry. Topics covered include supply chain technology breakthroughs, the industry’s response to the global environmental crisis, important new initiatives in ESG, such as the pressure to determine and report the carbon footprint of components, the effect of ‘nearshoring’ and ‘friend shoring’ on the global supply chain, the likely impact of advances in artificial intelligence on the industry, and much more. The industry is evolving rapidly, and this report, based on the comments from executive leadership of the Top 50 Americas Authorized Distributors, is a must-read for anyone navigating the increasingly choppy waters of the electronic component channel.

To download your copy of this invaluable report, go here

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