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February 20, 2023


ECIA GIPC Reports on Cybersecurity Survey Results
Two surveys reveal cybersecurity communication risk and ransomware readiness.


Atlanta — The Global Industry Practices Committee (GIPC) has published an Executive Summary with results of two surveys conducted by its core team of subject matter experts (SME) led by Brad Waisanen, VP, Global Cyber Security at TTI, Inc. ECIA member companies were surveyed with the goal of learning how the industry is responding to this serious threat to businesses.

Participants in the first survey represented the three ECIA constituencies as follows: Manufacturers (41%); Distributors (39%) and Manufacturers Reps (20%). The questions covered where organizations were turning to for guidance; whether they had risk management programs in place and for how long; reporting structure of the cybersecurity teams; perceived risks and metrics; costs of insurance; prevention measures and more. 

Participants in the second survey represented the three ECIA constituencies in a similar measure: Manufacturers (39%); Distributors (39%) and Manufacturers’ Reps (23%). The questions in the second survey focused on ransomware readiness.

“The results of these two surveys were very enlightening and provide the GIPC Cybersecurity SME with concrete guidance on where to place our efforts going forward,” explained Don Elario, ECIA’s Vice President of Industry Practices. “There were clear differences in how the three constituencies have responded to these types of threats. Not surprisingly, larger companies have more mature cyber risk management programs than smaller companies and we see this as an opportunity for this work group to provide a baseline of cybersecurity best practices, among other initiatives.”

View the results of the two surveys here: Cybersecurity Executive Summary.

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