February 15, 2023, ECIA Newsletter


Webinar Tomorrow

Webinar - ChatGPT, Midjourney, and Generative AI: How the Components Industry Can Supplement its Sales and Marketing Tactics
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ChatGPT, Midjourney, and other generative AI tools have gone from “What?” to “AI is taking my job!” in a matter of weeks. From blog topic generation to copywriting, graphic design, coding, music and video development, and more, these tools are now encroaching in tasks once deemed safe from automation. But once you lift the curtain of wonder and uncertainty, you become equipped with resources designed not to replace but to supplement and amplify your sales and marketing strategies.     

“With great power comes great responsibility,” and generative AI has provided many with access to an incredible array of strategic, technical, and creative power. Alongside these opportunities run risks; active lawsuits, potential Google penalties, and unexpected limitations have left many wondering if, how, and when these platforms should be used. 

ECIA GIPC Publishes Report on Paperless Certificate of Compliance Initiative

The Global Industry Practices Committee (GIPC) has published a report outlining the results of a two-year initiative to create a streamlined process to digitally exchange manufacturer Certificate of Compliance documents. Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) agreed to participate in the pilot project with Digi-Key. They began with the manufacturers’ certificate of compliance while considering other compliance documents. 

The report from this initiative is now published and available to the industry. Read the full press release. 

ECIA Research and Analysis

ECIA offers its members insight into the industry and a variety of market trends information. Members can log into the website and visit the Stats & Insights page to access an increasing number of statistical reports. 

Some are available to the public, some to members and others are only accessible to those who participate in the survey. 

Reports include: 

Semiconductor Sales by Region & World Total (WSTS Bluebook) – December 2022

  • World and Regional Semiconductor Data by Product Categories (WSTS Bluebook) - December 2022
  • North American Sales & Bookings of Non-Linear Resistors – Q4 2022
  • North American Sales & Bookings of Non-Linear Resistors – Q4 2022 Executive Summary
  • Discrete Semiconductor Americas DTAM Report – Q1 2019 to Q4 2022
  • North America Weekly IP&E Components Index – Week 5

Visit the stats and insights page for information on these reports.  

The ECIA Foundation Launches 2023 FIRST Robotics Fundraising Campaign

n this video, listen to FIRST Founder, Dean Kamen, explain the importance of the electronic components industry to the success of FIRST Robotics. These videos are excerpts from his keynote presentation at the 2022 Executive Conference.

Watch the video.

Members, make a FIRST donation.

More information on the ECIA Foundation. 

EDS 2023 Appointments

Have you started to make your appointments for EDS 2023? 

Preparation is KEY to success at EDS! Begin to contact business associates and set up appointments now, since company schedules fill up fast. If you are new to EDS, go to the Who’s Here page on the EDS website to search for companies that are registered for EDS 2023 and all new for this year, there is an all-new opt-in utility for companies seeking opportunities at EDS 2023. 

The EDS Matchmaking page of the EDS website allows registered companies to connect with other registered companies seeking new business relationships.

Member of the Week 


We are pleased to announce Ignion as ECIA’s Member of the Week. 

Ignion is reshaping the world's IoT connectivity. A global antenna innovator with proven manufacturing capabilities to scale and create the new generation of multiband, multipurpose and ready-to-use, chip antennas. Ignion´s mission is to accelerate IoT and empower the ecosystem with off-the-shelf antenna solutions. 

Ignion offers a unique Virtual Antenna Technology that enables custom tuned RF performance with an off the shelf antenna. Ignion’s antennas are fully tunable for any frequency from 698 MHz to 10.6 GHz and can be configured for multiple bands on one board or for common layouts across multiple projects. Customers are given end to end support in antenna selection, board layout guidance, RF tuning and certification pretesting. This allows for no cost feasibility decisions and easy board layout / fast market launches of Asset Tracking, Metering/Monitoring, Medical Devices and Industrial IoT projects.

Contact Info:

Electronic Components Industry Association
310 Maxwell Road, Suite 200, Alpharetta, GA 30009