November 16, 2022 ECIA Newsletter

Upcoming Webinars

What’s Next for Marketing as the Pandemic Ends and Uncertainty Nears?
Wednesday | November 30 | 1 pm ET | Register Now 

Marketing in the components industry has always been a challenge. The balance of ownership across manufacturers, distributors, and reps has often led to a seemingly disjointed effort that’s been difficult to measure success. But as the pandemic redefined what it meant to meet face-to-face and supply chain challenges created a bookings boom, the need for leads lessened for many. Now, new and old marketing tactics alike must adapt to reemerging and unknown challenges as the resolving supply chain crises collides with the specter of market uncertainty.

Join this ECIA and Lectrix discussion to discover what should be included in your 2023 marketing strategies.

Winning the War for Talent - Part 6
Wednesday | December 14 | 3 pm ET | Register Now

ECIA has partnered with the Association Education Alliance to bring you this webinar. The war for talent is escalating. Some organizations are ill-prepared to handle the challenges of an increasingly complex labor market, shackled by the “we’ve always done it this way” mentality. Others are thriving, armed with analytical insights and surrounded by allies, allowing them to snap up highly performing “impact players” and supercharge their growth. What kind of an organization are you? More importantly, what kind do you want to be in the future? Join presenter, Alex Chausovsky of the Miller Resource Group, for this engaging discussion.

ECIA Research and Analysis

ECIA offers its members insight into the industry and a variety of market trends information. Members can log into the website and visit the Stats & Insights page to access an increasing number of statistical reports. 

Some are available to the public, some to members and others are only accessible to those who participate in the survey. 

Reports include: 

  • Component Lead Time Report – October 2022
  • TPC Semiconductor Market Survey – October 2022
  • North America Weekly IP&E Components Index – Week 44

Visit the stats and insights page for information on these reports. We need your input! Participate in the ECST (Electronic Component Sales Trends) surveys! Click here to complete the Monthly (November) survey by November 16th. Click here to complete the Quarterly (Q4 2022) survey by November 22nd.

ECIA Announces 2022 Distinguished Service Award Winners 

Six outstanding members honored at the ECIA 2022 Executive Conference 

ECIA has announced the Distinguished Service Award recipients, to honor six individuals who have worked tirelessly in various roles within the ECIA during 2022. 

  • Tom Wichert, TDK-Lambda Americas
  • Mike Swenson, Mel Foster
  • Teri Ivaniszyn, Digi-Key Electronics   
  • Thomas Griffin, Catalyst Unity Solutions
  • James Kaplan, Cornell Dubilier Electronics
  • Mark Conley, O’Donnell Associates

Read the full press release.      

Member of the Week 


CIT Relay & Switch, located in greater Minneapolis, MN, is a designer and manufacturer of quality Electromechanical Relays, Solid State Relays and Electromechanical Switches.  CIT’s full line of products is supported by manufacturers reps and distributors throughout North America and shipped to OEM’s and CM’s worldwide.  In addition to the acquisition of Picker Components in 2020, CIT will move into a larger corporate facility in Q4 2022.

The company’s focus on customer service and quality, combined with cost effective manufacturing makes CIT the favorite choice for all designs as well as any required custom solution. 

ECIA is thankful for the support and membership from CIT Relay & Switch.


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