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December 17, 2021


ECIA Posts Latest “Channel Channel” Podcast
ECIA Chief Analyst Dale Ford Interviews Glenn Hitchcock, TPC


ATLANTA – ECIA’s latest episode of the Channel Channel Podcast is a conversation between Dale Ford and Glenn Hitchcock, founder of TPC, which conducts a monthly survey of component suppliers, distributors, end customers, EMS/ODMs and other electronic component industry players. The survey reveals how the industry views the next two quarters in terms of demand outlook, bookings, pricing trends, lead-times, and seasonality issues. This discussion between two data experts provides excellent insight and nuance about the unfolding supply chain imbalances caused by the pandemic shutdowns and recovery demand surges.

“We send this blind survey of about a dozen questions to approximately 20,000 global respondents,” explained Glenn Hitchcock. “We’ve been doing this for about 10 years and have collected data that very well reflects the short-term outlook of about 10,000 participants in the electronic component supply chain. The past two years have been very unusual and our indicators from this last survey are somewhat unexpected.”

“Glenn’s survey captures the key metrics that drive the industry’s strategic planning efforts,” noted Dale Ford, “The fact that his respondents are primarily from Asia reflects the reality of where much of electronics manufacturing industry is located and gives confidence in his findings. I enjoyed talking about how 2022 is likely to unfold with Glenn, and I urge our members to listen to this podcast as his data point to a few surprising conclusions.”

Tune into this episode.

For more information about Glenn Hitchcock’s research, go here: Stats & Insights (

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