December 1, ECIA Newsletter

December Webinar

Electronic Components: 2021 Review and 2022 Outlook with Dale Ford

Thursday, December 2 | 11:00 AM Eastern | Register Today 

The electronic components industry has battled daunting supply chain challenges throughout 2021 as it works to respond to strong end-market demand. To this point, these intractable problems seem to have no near-term solutions. ECIA has worked to support its members throughout the year as they manage multiple painful pressure points.

In this webinar, Chief Analyst, Dale Ford, will present the latest ECIA statistics related to market growth and trends as well as industry sentiment and outlook. Valuable external industry and economic research will also be highlighted to provide additional visibility on the status of the electronics components industry, the supply chain, and trends carrying the industry into 2022. 

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ECIA Research & Analysis 

ECIA offers its members insight into the industry and a variety of market trends information. Members can log into the website and visit the Stats & Insights page to access an increasing number of statistical reports. Some are available to the public, some to members and others are only accessible to those who participate in the survey.

Recent reports:

  • North American Electronic Component Quarterly Sales Trends (ECST-QTLY – Q4 2021
  • World Inductor Trade Statistics – Q3 2021
  • North American Sales & Bookings of Chip Resistors – Q3 2021
  • North American Sales & Bookings of Carbon & Metal Film Resistors – Q3 2021
  • North American Sales & Bookings of Non-Linear Resistors – Q3 2021
  • North America Weekly IP&E Components Index – Week 46

Visit the stats and insights page for information on these reports. 


Member of the Week: Genie Group

The Genie Group has been a member of ECIA for 35 years. The team has had active roles on the ECIA and NEDA boards. Eric Max was a long time ECIA & Foundation board member. After his passing, the ECIA Foundation worked with his family and donations by the industry to create a fund in his memory supporting the following: the Eric Max Drone Club and robotics program at Grassland Middle School in Franklin, TN and the FIRST ® Robotics Competition Scholarship designated for two Tennessee graduating high school seniors that have participated in FIRST® Robotics.

The Genie Group offers a broad range of products through our logistics facility including: connectors, fuses, cleaning chemicals, wire & cable, sound/security, test equipment including thermal imaging cameras, switches, wire management products and accessories. Genie Group provides high-quality customer service with a knowledgeable and experienced staff. ECIA is proud to have the Genie Group as a valued member. 

 Contact Info:

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310 Maxwell Road.Suite 200.Alpharetta.GA.30009