Fidelity Solutions

Contact Information

Phone: (972) 679-0207
Email: [email protected]

Who We Are

Fidelity Solutions is a unique team with industry experience in electronic components manufacturing and distribution. We stand out as a results-oriented technology consultancy with expertise in full-stack application design, engineering, development, and management.

What We Do

Fidelity Solutions specializes in mission-critical, highly transactional web and mobile applications. We take an innovative approach to software solutions by implementing modern application development practices that include serverless computing, containerized applications, and virtualization.

Our expertise also includes big data storage and retrieval; data analytics and dashboards; API development; multi-language translation services; search engine optimization. We craft practical and cost-effective solutions to complex problems using our architecture, engineering, design and development expertise. Let us help your company optimize its data feed or API for

Our Legacy

A partner of ECIA since 2011, Fidelity Solutions has been entrusted with designing, developing, and managing, formerly We are US-based and regionally dispersed for business continuity. Engage with Fidelity Solutions through ECIA and receive special pricing through our partnership.

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