EIA Source Codes

Although Source Codes ceased with the 2001 edition, it is available here for historical purposes.

The EIA Source Code is a numeric symbol that was assigned and registered by the Electronic Industries Association (EIA) that could be stamped or marked on any or all products to identify the production source or the vendor assuming product responsibility.

In addition, the EIA code provided for adding numerals to the source code symbol to identify the year and week of production.

A hypothetical example of the application of the EIA date code to the source code follows:

A company is assigned the source code 113. To this are added two digits for the year - such as "00" for 2000 - and another two digits for the week of the year. In this case, the combined source and date codes would be: 113-9910

This would represent the company's number "113" plus "99" for 1999, the production year, and "10" for the week of March 7-13, the production week. For identification of the weeks, see EIA Weekly Date Codes.

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In addition, Excel documents of the codes are also available.

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