ECIA Announces New E-Learning Opportunity

For several years the ECIA Foundation, led by Foundation President Jim Kaplan, has envisioned establishing basic training for new employees to the electronics industry. A committee was formed in 2021 to oversee the course development. ECIA Service Partner Lectrix Group is creating the courses on a platform that will be hosted on the ECIA website for all members to use as part of their annual dues! You can help - make a tax deductible donation today!

This program is designed to enable ECIA member companies to offer introductory courses explaining key concepts about the industry to educate new hires. The courses will reside on the ECIA website where activity and progress can be reported back to member companies. In the future, the courses will be made available via a licensing agreement that will allow a company to customize the content, add their own branding, and potentially house within their own Learning Management Systems. Those details are pending. 

Why Donate? Be a Part of the Industry's Education

Your company can still participate – join your peers in making a donation and commitment to passing the torch to the next generation of electronic component industry workers. This is an ECIA Foundation initiative and all donations are tax deductible and be earmarked for the continued expansion of this program. Again, these courses will be free to all ECIA member companies and their employees. If you are able to donate to this important effort, please reach out to Debbie Conyers ([email protected]) or click here to complete the donation information .  If you have questions, please contact us!

“Avnet is honored to be among the founding donors of the ECIA’s Paul Andrews Continuous Education training initiative, which is a fitting tribute to a true industry legend. We can thank Paul for a lifetime of contributions that helped make the industry what it is today. The PACE program is all about a better tomorrow and preparing a future generation of leaders for success.” - Phil Gallagher, CEO, Avnet, Inc.

Ohmite Manufacturing is pleased and honored to participate in the newly formed “PACE Training Initiative” in the remembrance of Mr. Paul Andrews.  The initiative will become a staple of focus for ECIA for years to come. We are sorrowed by the loss of our friend Paul Andrews, and hope that in this small way of supporting PACE we will always remember Paul’s leadership in the industry”. – Greg Pace, President, CEO, Ohmite

“With a long history of participating in NEDA and ECIA, we felt this was a great way for Marsh to contribute to the continuing education of our future industry champions. It is also a way to honor our dad, Jim W. Banovich, as he loved our industry and was a big proponent of the industry association and supporting it.” – Jim Banovich, CEO, Marsh Electronics


We owe a debt of gratitude to these Founding Donors
Abracon Glenair Mel Foster Company Southbridge

AEM Group

Harper & Two

Micro Technology Group

Spectrum Marketing


Hawk Electronics

Millennium Alliance


Avnet Inc. 



TE Connectivity


ITT Cannon


TTI, Inc. 



New Yorker Electronics Co. Inc.


Brainard-Nielsen Marketing, Inc.



Thorson Rocky Mountain

Carlton-Bates Company

Kruvand Associates, Inc.

O’Donnell Associates North, Inc.


Catalyst-Unity Solutions



Westmark Electronics 

Coakley, Boyd & Abbet

Logix Sales & Marketing


Warren Buffett

Cornell Dubilier  Electronics

Luscombe Electronics Sales



Crowley & Associates

Marsh Electronics, Inc.

Phoenix Contact


Digi-Key Electronics

Master Electronics

Sigma Components



PACE Training

The story behind the name of the training is one borne of respect and honor for an industry pioneer. TTI Founder Paul Andrews was a visionary and had a passion for education. Upon his passing early in 2021, Foundation President Jim Kaplan saw the funding of this training initiative as a way for the industry to honor Mr. Andrews. The Paul Andrews Continuous Education Training was created - P.A.C.E.  A presentation to TTI's CEO Mike Morton was conducted on Monday, August 30th. 

Industry leaders rose to the occasion and have pledged over $400,000 to fully fund and expand the course offerings. This funding will enable ECIA to maintain and increase the number of courses for the foreseeable future.  We have set a goal of $500,000 which will guarantee ECIA members access to unique industry training for their new hires. 

The first five modules focus on the critical need for employees to understand industry basics:

  • The interaction of the industry's constituents: Industry Overview
  • Frequently used Terms and Definitions
  • The products we sell - a high level review of types of components
  • Taking a Product to Market - the steps to development and marketing of a product
  • The Industry Landscape (covering ancillary companies such as EMS, Design, etc.)

Future courses will be determined by the ECIA Foundation based on feedback by our members. 

PACE Training Committee

We owe a debt of gratitude to the ECIA Foundation Board members Jim Kaplan, Cornell Dubilier Electronics; Bruce Kellar, Sager Electronics and Diane Laegeler, Digi International along with Committee members: Jennifer Townsend and Todd Martin, Carlton-Bates Company; Robert Derringer, Crouzet; Laura Rude, Digi-Key Electronics; Mark Pierce, ebm-papst; Bill Bradford, Flip Electronics; Christine Bell, JF Kilfoil; Dawn Manhart, Knowles Precision Devices; Allison Turner, Laird Thermal Systems; Caroline Wells, Omron; Aubrie Nooney, PEI-Genesis; Rochelle Harris, Jeremy Lane and Kristyn Nicholson, TTI, Inc. and Julie Fajardo, TDK-Lambda.