Best Practice for Business Reviews

The ECIA Independent Manufacturer Rep Council formed a committee of Manufacturers, Distributors and Independent Manufacturer Representatives to identify and analyze best practices for conducting business reviews.

Business reviews can be a great tool to align expectations, develop plans for sales growth, ensure metrics are achieved and give feedback on performance.  Done properly, they can set the direction to enable companies to move forward successfully.

During this committee process ECIA Chief Analyst Dale Ford developed the survey instrument and compiled the results. That data and the Executive Summary of findings are now available for industry use. 

Thanks to Mike Swenson of Mel Foster Company for providing guidance as Chair and to committee members Manny Brunson, Carlton-Bates Company; Alan Ahern, Crowley Associates; Michael McCaig, Luscombe Engineering; Caroline Wells, Omron; Cole Sikes, ON Semiconductor; Adam Grigor, Tech-Trek; Greg Minor, Thorson Rocky Mountain and John Drabik, TTI, Inc. 

Executive Summary

Master Index of Survey Results 

Business Review Meeting Checklists