Automated Data Exchange Initiative

The Automated Data Exchange Initiative was brought forward to the ECIA Board by the Independent Manufacturers Rep Council. It was created to address:

  • Manufacturer real-time data needs
  • Distributor expedited speed requests
  • Reduction in systemic industry inefficiencies
  • Automated and standardized processes between disparate CRM’s

2021 March Webinar

RecordingPresentation Deck

Product & Process Video

Click here to view a video demonstration of the technology used to update NBO's between Crowley Associates and C&K.

Explanatory Power Point

Click here to view the project power point which outlines the path to the end product. 

White Paper - Automated Data Exchange Initiative

The white paper provides a guide to inform readers concisely about this complex issue. It is meant to help you understand the issue and the solution to the problem, which in return will enable you to make informed decisions. Click here to review. 

Potential Pricing Model

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What people are saying...

“Information, and its associated accuracy, is critical to every company’s core business, profitability, future planning, and overall success,” explained Alan Ahern, Chairman of the ECIA Independent Manufacturer Rep Council. “In February of 2019, the Council initiated a process to address the inefficiencies of manually entering data multiple times due to disparate CRM systems used by Representatives, Manufacturers and Distributors. We now have the results of that initiative.”

“Manufacturers expect their sales force to gather an increasing amount of customer information so that we can make intelligent decisions on how to run our business,” explained Gary Mountford, Vice President of C&K America. “When a Manufacturer Rep has 15 lines, with 10-15 unique CRM systems, it is unreasonable to expect timely and detailed updates in each of these systems on all of the opportunities and customers in their territory.  Being able to update just one system and exchange this data instantly into our SFDC system, enables our Reps to act in a more timely and detailed fashion, and ultimately spend more time in front of the customer.”