Executive Conference

Is your business equipped to meet the demands of an increasingly connected workforce and customer base? The 2015 Executive Conference “Bridging the Gap” explores the current economic and industry landscape, a view of what’s on the horizon and a vision of an electronics industry of the future.

With change being constant and technology advancing in all aspects of our universe, companies seem to be faced with more questions than answers as they bridge the gaps. Are you utilizing the latest tools available to position your brand at the forefront of your customer’s mind?  What’s the “next big thing” – will it be funded through venture capital or discovered through crowd funding? How will your company prepare a workforce that will face a younger, more connected customer base? A panel of industry millennials will provide insight on attracting and retaining future leaders. The conference will also delve into how the industry can utilize a workforce that is ready to serve – our returning military members. A presentation by Justin Constantine from the Wounded Warrior Project will provide great inspiration and a glimpse into how military leadership strategies apply in the civilian workplace.

Industry veterans Lindsley Ruth, Electrocomponents and Rob Shaddock, TE Connectivity will share their distinctive insight and perspective on the issues and opportunities faced as technology progresses and the world becomes an even more connected place. MaryAnn Miller of Avnet will discuss the value of diversity and inclusion in an engaged, high-performing workforce.

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New! Breakout Sessions Added

Attendees are invited to join a 45-minute breakout session immediately following the conference close. The sessions are designed to give you more in depth learning of two key association initiatives:

A Skilled Workforce Willing to Serve – learn from Justin Constantine how hiring U.S. military veterans can improve your business.

FIRST® Things First - Get Your Company Involved – Bob Sobolewski, former CEO of ebm-papst, Inc., will lead the discussion and share his experiences. Take a deeper dive into the areas of opportunity for any size company to get involved, give back and engage your workforce.

Conference Planning Committee

The following ECIA members have devoted many hours to the thoughtful planning of this year's conference. We owe them a debt of gratitude for their service – thank you!

Chairman: Steven Fisher, PEI Genesis
Alan Ahern, Crowley Associates
Christopher Calvi, Octopart
Steve Cholas, AspenCore
Bob Derringer, Waldom Electronics, Inc.
Jessica Engel, Harwin
Bob Garcia, English Sales
Kathleen Herron, PEI Genesis
Scott Jones, AEM
Carla Mahrt, JJM Search
Jeff May, Logix Sales & Marketing, Inc.
Phil Meiss, Victory Sales
Mandy Patterson, Owner Resource Group
Doug Steele, Harwin Inc.
Robert Tudor, Laird Technology
Pat Wastal, TTI, Inc.
Mike West, Honeywell Sensing and Control