GSA Seeks Public Comment regarding E-Commerce Portals

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) is seeking public comment from suppliers selling on commercial E-Commerce portals.  As result of legislation enacted last year, GSA is working on a proof of concept for Federal government purchasing of products through e-commerce portals.  Interested parties are invited to submit comments to the GSA by July 20, 2018.

The GSA is seeking comments in three specific areas:  1) product categories, 2) terms and conditions, and 3) program design.

Product Categories.  Information is sought for which product types/categories/subcategories should be considered for inclusion/exclusion in the online purchasing program.  One area identified for comments are an assessment of supply chain risk, "including the extent to which you believe counterfeit products are a significant problem and mitigation strategies."   Another notable area for comment is level of visibility into country of origin.

Terms & Conditions.  The request for information focuses on two areas:  general Ts&Cs for your portal and suitability for meeting FAR COTS requirements.

Program Design.  This section states that "competition is a core goal of the program."  The GSA envisions the government user being able to see/compare products "across multiple portals and/or suppliers."  Among the points that the GSA is seeking comment are:  potential challenges in managing supply chain risk and collecting, vetting, and sharing data.

ECIA believes that this may be an opportunity for distributor members to sell electronic components to the government through members' online portals.  Consequently, distributors should review the request for information and consider submitting comments.  If you submit comments, please share your comments with ECIA.

For complete details on the GSA's request of information, how to submit comments and a pdf copy of the request click here.