General Best Practices and Guidelines

The following are the best practices and guidelines that have been developed by the ECIA, through the Global Industry Practices Committee (formerly the Supply Chain Council) and NEDA, one of ECIA’s predecessor organizations:

NIGP 101.01:
Guidelines for Commercial Semiconductor Packaging and Labeling
NOTE: Superseded by JEP 130

NIGP 102:
Guidelines for Unit Packing for Integrated Circuits – Tubes (Rails)
NOTE: Superseded By JEP 130

NIGP 103:
Guidelines for Identification and Labeling of Moisture Sensitive Integrated Circuits
NOTE: Superseded by JEP 113-XX

NIGP 104:
Guidelines for the Packing and Handling of Moisture Sensitive Integrated Circuits
NOTE: Superseded by IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033B.1

NIGP 105:
Handling Guidelines for Moisture Sensitive Plastic Surface Mount Components
NOTE: Superseded by IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033B.1

NIGP 106b:
Handling Guidelines for the Transference of Tray-Packaged ICs

NIGP 107:
Guidelines for the Format of Military Certificates of Conformance

NIGP 108:
Guidelines for Packing & Dunnage of Electronic Components

NIGP 109:
Guidelines for Distributor Assessment of Manufacturer Performance

NIGP 110:
Technical Guidelines for Electronic Price/Sales Catalog

NIGP 111:
Guidelines for the Format of Packing Slips

NIGP 112:
NEDA Guidelines for Auto Identification (1-Dimensional Bar Code & 2-Dimensional Matrix Code for Suppliers Product Package & Shipment Labeling)
NOTE: CANCELLED Included in EIGP 114

NIGP 113:
NEDA Guidelines for Product Returns

EIGP 114.2018:
ECIA Labeling Specification for Product and Shipment Identification in the Electronics Industry - 2D Barcode (Including Human Readable and 1D Barcode)

NIGP 115:
Certificates of Conformance for Commercial Electronic Parts

NIGP 116:
ECIA Guidelines for Disposition of Excess Inventory

NIGP 117:
ECIA Guideline for Date Code Marking Format