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Connect. Influence. Optimize.SM

Connect with potential customers, peers and competitors in a collaborative dialogue that sparks opportunity and innovation. Influence policies that directly impact the future of the industry. Leverage exclusive access to a range of business tools, market intelligence, ECIA authorized sales, and standardization strategies to optimize operations and support increased profitability.

In today’s electronics landscape, companies face infinite challenges with all too finite resources. Here’s how ECIA supports you in facing critical challenges:

Sales growth pressure (meeting quarterly expectations)

ECIA increases your sales potential through access to our ECIAauthorized.com inventory search site, which can generate additional revenue and margin not only in North America, but Europe and Asia as well.

Gain NPI promotional support, product sales and customer stats to further help you expand your business.

Rapidly altering market conditions

ECIA increases your competitive agility with member generated market intelligence and access to industry data from reputable sources working closely with ECIA.

Avoid costly, individual expenditures in marketing research from suspect sources with extremely limited shelf life. Gain the most current and relevant statistics, market trends, surveys, and reports on an on-going basis.

Timely execution and speed to market

ECIA shortens the learning curve through our “connect, influence, and optimize” structure, enabling you to avoid strategic missteps while accelerating deployment.

Personal access to numerous customers, peers, and service providers in the electronic component supply chain provides the knowledge and visibility to better plan and more rapidly execute. Forums include:

  • Technical & executive conferences
  • Subject experts speaking on key industry issues
  • Councils, Committees, BOD participation
  • Executive networking
  • ECIA website for webinars, informational videos, and teleforums

Human resource limitations

ECIA effectively extends your human resources without adding to your payroll through access to industry developed standards, best practices, and proven business processes.

Our staff, councils, and committees join forces to address recognized priorities, including:

  • EIA standards accreditation - globally recognized
  • Access & influence to JEDEC, ANSI, IEC, ASE, etc.
  • Industry driven guidelines: logistics, sustainability, packaging,  trade, quality, business processes, and many more

Industry influence

ECIA is the voice of the electronic components industry and serves as your platform to influence policies that directly impact the efficiency of the supply chain and the future of electronics.

Your voice is heard and amplified on a range of topics including:

  • Anti-counterfeiting
  • Environmental compliance & related updates and guidance
  • Alliances on key issues: G19, SAE, SIA, US Chamber of Commerce, CALCE, DOD, & other Gov’t agencies

The ECIA Foundation

And yet another reason to join and participate is the ECIA Foundation, which promotes the value of the electronics components industry through developing, leveraging, and deploying educational and awareness-based initiatives.


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