Distributor Stock Search (DSS) Widget

Distributor Stock Search (DSS) Widget for Manufacturers’ Websites

The Distributor Stock Search (DSS) widget gives manufacturers’ customers access to data from ECIAauthorized.com directly from your own website. It is simple to install.

ECIAauthorized.com is now an industry leading inventory aggregation site that is the only one to exclusively display pricing and availability information for stock from authorized sources. With more than 500,000 visits by over 150,000 unique visitors every month and growing, can you afford to not populate your site with data from ECIAauthorized.com?

Implementation is easy and the widget is fully configurable to match your website’s branding. Once you’ve signed up, you will use a secure interface to select your partners and integration style, including regional and pricing visibility preferences. Then download the code and customize it for your website.

That’s all there is to it! Now your customers can ….

  • Search for and PURCHASE your products through trusted partners while browsing on your website
  • Gain access to the only source for authorized inventory through your own distributor partner network
  • See detailed, tiered pricing for your products in one aggregated search
  • And you pay no monthly fees!*

“The new tool from ECIA has been extremely effective in allowing us to control which distributors show up on our site while making it easy to verify that they are actually selling our products,” said Josiah Haas, President of Bud Industries. “We switched from one of the leading stock check search widgets to ECIA Authorized because we wanted to make it easier for our customers to get tiered pricing information from authorized distributors while they were searching on our website. This allows our customers to compare prices and receive personalized quotes which, of course, increases the likelihood that they’ll book the order,” Haas noted.

To learn more about the DSS and how you can take advantage of this tool, please contact Victor Meijers at ECIA either via e-mail vmeijers@ecianow.org or by phone 678.393.9990.

*Programming fees will apply to add distributors that are not already participating on ECIAauthorized.com.