Manufacturers' Representatives

Connect with decision-makers from throughout the electronics supply chain to increase opportunity and industry understanding. Help influence the on-going evolution and improvement of the industry. And optimize your operations through our exclusive tools and the credibility only ECIA can provide.

The benefits for Manufacturers' Representatives include:

  1. Data & statistics for better decision making (Executive summaries, confidence surveys, end market reports, etc.)
  2. Sales via , our member driven inventory website. (Improve your productivity and sales opportunities using the BOM tool for price and availability for a customer build request. If there is a shortage, a single inquiry will find that product anywhere in the world at all your authorized distributors.)
  3. Real time RSS news feeds selected by you to keep you “in the know” on key events that affect your business.
  4. Member discounts to conferences, trade shows, and symposiums sponsored by ECIA
  5. Shape opinion and direction by participating on Councils and Committees that design, develop, and publish processes the industry will follow.
  6. Point your customers to for unique informational tools (industry lead time indicators, environmental reg updates, disaster & supply chain interruptions, etc.)
  7. Networking among the industry leaders (… can’t have enough professional relationships!)

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