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Annie Cwieka

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Optimum Results can maximize the productivity of your organization through selective outsourcing to drive strategy, focus and results of your most critical initiatives. We provide seasoned, professional, practical know-how on an as-needed basis.

Our virtual Team averages 25 years of experience in strategic planning, research and analysis, business development, marketing, sales, facilitation and best practices transfer expertise with and for the Fortune 500. We are experienced in products and services across a wide range of industries – large and small, global and regional. We don't think of ourselves as consultants. We think of ourselves as an extension of your organization working to insure your success and that of your clients. We are your virtual “staff down the hall” only when you need it.


Facilitation – Meeting strategy coordination, participant input, agenda development, structure considerations, action item capture and report out. Experienced in variety of different types of stakeholder groups as well as linking across groups (e.g. customers, suppliers, partners, etc.).

Strategic Support – Incremental capabilities to provide perspective, clarity and speed to implementation. Ability to work within a variety of planning frameworks, or support a customized approach.

Value to ECIA Members

In an operating environment of frenetic speed and increasing market disruption we often feel lucky just to get through the day.  How then can we effectively carve out time to think let alone corral our limited resources for strategic or innovative positioning efforts?  If this is your reality, third party support could be of value to you for the following reasons:

Perspective – Help facilitate fresh thinking
It is easy to get “stuck” in our current approach and our individual silos.  Over time, our vision can become unnecessarily narrow. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of distance or fresh perspective to remove those blinders and open up new thinking around what is possible and doable.  This is particularly true if the reality of your planning process is that it takes place while your team is also responsible for their “day jobs”.

Perhaps you need to better understand the voice of your customers or suppliers through a council-type interaction, perhaps you need a fresh set of eyes, perhaps you just need more bandwidth to work on certain pieces of the input.

Clarity – Translate vision and ideas into actionable execution
The strategic process can be a bit like looking into a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle box.  Putting the puzzle together so that it provides a clear picture for the organization is sometimes best supported by a third party who isn’t married to elements of the image.

The same holds true for execution.  A third party can often help identify the disconnects that so often occur at the handoff points within an organization and that so often derail even the most brilliant strategies.

Speed – Proven, as-needed resources to contribute needed information and insight
In our current “right sized” organizations where we are all doing more with less, there often isn’t the resource pool available for the added burden of the strategic planning process.  Elements of the process lend themselves to different skill sets that we may no longer keep on staff.

The ability for your organization to periodically step back to reassess and reimagine is vital to your continued competitive advantage.  If you find your efforts can’t gain traction or maintain momentum through to completion, Optimum Results, Inc. is your resource partner to help you achieve results.

Relationship with ECIA

Optimum Results, Inc. will provide members with three free hours of consultation.