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What our members say...


Mark Larson, Vice Chairman - Digi-Key Electronics, ECIA Foundation Board

“The leadership of the ECIA is very strategic and forward thinking about the components industry. While the networking and data collection activities are very important, I've always been impressed with the 30,000 foot planning that takes place, reflected in the ECIA's programs and initiatives. For example, the ECIA's work to combat counterfeiting and track the impact of regulations like REACH is invaluable to our business.”



Mark Conley, President - O’Donnell Associates North, ECIA Foundation Board

"Our ECIA membership is another tool in our arsenal.  My customers appreciate our ability to help them find AUTHORIZED and AVAILABLE inventory and reduce their overall costs by providing real time information in a timely manner.  Our membership also gets us front and center with the decision-makers at the companies that matter most to us.  The programs and initiatives that ECIA creates continue to add great value and are always interesting.  I know that I can count on the ECIA to address the pressing issues of our industry that matter most."

Dean Kamen, Inventor and Founder, FIRST®

"Working with the ECIA these past few years has been a joy and pleasure because of their dedication to the next generation and the greater good of the community. ECIA members understand the importance of investing in the future of STEM education and giving back to young people by donating electronic components, including FIRST® teams in ECIA events, and opening doors to careers in tech industries. These opportunities are invaluable to our next generation of innovators."

Jeff Thomson, VP, Global Channel Sales - ON Semiconductor, ECIA Board of Directors

“As a representative of the component manufacturer sector of the supply chain, I depend on the ECIA to help drive programs to increase sales and bring efficiency to the channel. Initiatives like 2D barcode are going to cut significant complexity out of operations, which goes directly to our bottom line. These types of programs can only be driven by an independent association that has broad participation from the key players across the channel.”

Phil Gallagher, President, Avnet, Inc.

"ECIA is the only association that truly brings the various sectors of the components supply chain together to solve problems. Other groups say they can do that, but when push comes to shove, it's only about sales. Of course, our membership in ECIA directly drives sales through and other activities. But it's more than just a sales opportunity. The relationships I've forged over the years through my participation in the ECIA have been deeply beneficial to my company and to me personally."