Industry Market Trends - Executive Analysis by Dale Ford

ECIA is pleased to offer its members greater insight into the industry in addition to a variety of market trends information. With the recent addition of Dale Ford as ECIA’s Chief Analyst, we plan to greatly enhance the benefit that members gain from our industry data and research.

Dale is a highly respected industry analyst with extensive experience producing award winning market research. He brings expertise in technology trends, competitive analysis, forecasting and supply/demand research of the electronics, semiconductor and electronics components industries. Mr. Ford has been researching the electronics and electronics components industries for over 25 years. His focused research delivers enhanced visibility on the products, technologies, and players shaping the electronics value chain.

Dale managed research teams at IHS, covering the electronics, semiconductor and electronics components industry and the wireless communications market. He was one of the founders of iSuppli market research and led its electronics and semiconductor research as Senior Vice President until its acquisition by IHS. Previously, he was chief analyst and director for Dataquest/Gartner Group, where he led a team that delivered market research in seven syndicated services covering semiconductor applications, supply and pricing, and detailed equipment analysis.

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April 2019

Executive Summary

Quantifying Electronics Supply Chain Vulnerabilities Due to the US / Mexico Border Dispute

Geopolitical Risks to the Supply Chain

In his April report, Dale takes a look at geopolitical issues that have suddenly become a major risk factor with direct impact on the electronics and electronics components supply chain.  From tariffs imposed on goods from China to closing the Mexican border, the electronic components industry is impacted in a variety of ways.

As a close trading partner, Mexico has developed a strong synergy with the US in the electronics industry. Threats to this partnership need to be understood and quantified as executives across the electronics industry manage their supply chain risks.

The U.S. and Mexico are major trading partners in electronics components. Supply chain concerns need to address the flow of products in both directions across the border. Dale provides an analysis of the value of those goods.  Of particular interest is the effect of trade policies on the automotive industry – these imports to the US from Mexico have been identified as significant pain points in border negotiations.

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