Global Sales and Bookings Reports

The World Capacitor Trade Statistics Program (WCTS), The World Resistor Trade Statistics Program (WRTS) and World Inductor Trade Statistics Program (WITS) are sustained by its membership, composed of the world trading regions of Japan, EMEA and the United States. The WCTS, WRTS and WITS programs were formed for the purpose of collecting and disseminating statistics on world shipments of electronic components. The European quarterly graphs are derived from IDEA statistics using inputs from distributor member companies in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. The numbers shown represent the actual sales by IDEA Trade Association member companies which in turn comprise 66% of the available market. The AFDEC graphs are comprised of UK and Ireland distributor sales reported monthly. The World Semiconductor Dollar Consumption report provides monthly data, as well as three months moving averages for total semiconductor revenues by the four regions Americas, Europe, Japan and Asia Pacific. The Semiconductor\Passive Component comparison reports looks at global semiconductor sales compared to capacitor, inductor and resistor sales for trend comparisons. A new report also compares this in both units and dollars as well as compares quarter over quarter and year over year growth in percent change. Executive summaries are only available to members.