December 22, ECIA Newsletter

Celebrate our Industry's History as We Toast the New Year! 

E-Book Celebrating 100 Years of the Authorized Channel

Many companies in the electronics industry are celebrating milestone anniversaries this year. With a nod to the industry’s start on Radio Row, it is the perfect time to celebrate 100 years of the Authorized Channel as we toast to the new year! 

ECIA assisted in the creation of a historical document that recognizes the visionaries and founders of our industry, the companies that made a difference, technology, operational advancements, and the Association - which has helped spur the growth and value of the channel. 

ECIA thanks everyone that contributed to the book and helped create a one of a kind historical memoir for our industry.  

Enjoy the e-book. 

Happy Holidays From ECIA 

From all of us at ECIA, we wish you a very happy holiday season! May 2022 bring you all health, happiness, and prosperity. 

Please note, ECIA will be closed from December 24-December 31st. We are looking forward to an exciting 2022! 

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

New Channel Channel Podcast Episode

ECIA Chief Analyst Dale Ford and TPC Founder Glenn Hitchcock discuss TPC's latest survey results for a look at what's ahead in 2022 for the electronic component industry. 

The survey reveals how the industry views the next two quarters in terms of demand outlook, bookings, pricing trends, lead-times, and seasonality issues. This discussion between two data experts provides excellent insight and nuance about the unfolding supply chain imbalances caused by the pandemic shutdowns and recovery demand surges. 

Tune in now.

WE Radio "Leader in Highlight" Podcast Episodes 

Check out this two-part WE Radio interview with Women in Electronics! In Part 1, ECIA's Debbie Conyers is interviewed about the industry, the ECIA Foundation and more!

In Part 2, hear more from Debbie as she passes the baton to Stephanie Tierney and prepares for her upcoming retirement!

Listen now.

ECIA Research & Analysis

ECIA offers its members insight into the industry and a variety of market trends information. Members can log into the website and visit the Stats & Insights page to access an increasing number of statistical reports. Some are available to the public, some to members and others are only accessible to those who participate in the survey.
More Recent Reports:
  • North American Electronic Component Monthly Sales Trends (ECST-MNTH) Report– December 2021
  • Component Lead Time Report – November 2021
  • North American Sales & Bookings of Capacitors – Q3 2021
  • World Capacitor Trade Statistics – Q3 2021
  • TPC Semiconductor Market Survey – November 2021
  • AFDEC UK & Ireland Monthly Statistics – November 2021
  • North America Weekly IP&E Components Index – Week 48
Visit the stats and insights page for information on these reports. 

ECIA and NAM Update

Several months ago ECIA alerted members to a lawsuit that has significant liability implications for component manufacturers and distributors. A lower Massachusetts court had reversed a long-standing legal principal absolving a seller of a non-defective component from liability due to the failure of a finished product. ECIA has learned that the Massachusetts Supreme Court has reversed the lower court ruling and upheld the component parts doctrine. The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) reported the court decision as:

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court handed manufacturers a significant victory today, reversing a lower court decision that would have subjected a manufacturer or seller of a non-defective, merchantable component replacement part to liability solely because the end-product system into which the component was placed failed. The lower court’s ruling—a substantial departure from traditional component part liability law both in Massachusetts and throughout the country—places companies at risk of extraordinary liability for risks they cannot control and harm they did not cause. The case, Nemirovsky v. Daikin North America , involves a multi-million-dollar judgment against the seller of replacement fan coils for a custom heating and cooling system after the system began experiencing failure. Even though the component part seller had no role in designing, manufacturing, or selling the original HVAC system, a jury awarded $3.4M in damages—the cost of replacing the entire system. 

The NAM filed amicus briefs both in support of review and on the merits, arguing that companies cannot be liable for risks they did not create and cannot control. The lower court’s novel tort theory not only contradicts longstanding liability law, but is also unprincipled, would advance unsound legal policy, and could improperly alter the parties’ economic incentives and market behavior. The court agreed, holding that there are no exceptions to the component part doctrine for products that do not stand-alone or are specialized for a specific end-product.

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