ECIA Foundation Overview

The ECIA Foundation promotes the value of the electronics components industry and facilitates our member’s efforts to give back by encouraging careers in the industry and supporting education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Foundation Mission

The ECIA Foundation promotes the value of the electronics components industry through developing, leveraging, and deploying educational and awareness based initiatives.

A Board of Directors governs the Education Foundation. The ECIA Foundation Board supports organizations that influence and promote STEM careers and the hiring of U.S. veterans.

Recruitment Resources

ECIA has a number of resources that can help your team recruit, train and retain employees. Visit the Recruitment Resources page to learn more.



The ECIA Foundation is honored to assist Dean Kamen – inventor, scientist and founder of FIRST®.

Kamen’s quest is to ignite the imaginative minds of our youth and instill a love of science exploration. The successful FIRST® program – For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology – has provided a venue for science-minded kids to compete on a level that rivals their athlete peers. Started in 1992 with 28 teams in a New Hampshire high-school gym, the competition now involves over 3,000 teams across the globe vying for bragging rights and college scholarships

ECIA worked with our member companies to coordinate the donation of millions of electronic components needed to make team kits for the 2013 - 2019 competitions.

ECIA member companies provide support in a number of ways: supplying components to the team Kit of Parts; mentoring teams; sponsoring regional competitions and direct funding. Learn more about the tax advantages of supporting STEM education.

FIRST® Alliance Designation

The ECIA Foundation was awarded special recognition as a FIRST® Alliance member in 2016.

At the state/local level, Alliances can have a significant impact in the community by creating more teams, engaging more Mentors, and reaching out to more students. FIRST Alliances:

  • advocate and promote career opportunities in STEM in grades K-12;
  • look to build on existing STEM related programs; and
  • seek ways to engage their memberships in FIRST Mentor/Coach opportunities as a means of workforce development, increased community involvement, and encouraging their employees to give back to the communities

Through this affiliation, ECIA members will have access to an FIRST alumni group of enthusiastic young people interested in a variety of STEM related careers.

Veterans Hiring

The ECIA Foundation is also focused promoting industry careers to our military veterans. Through a partnership with Hiring Our Heroes, ECIA members can tap into this vast resource for an experienced and educated workforce.

Hiring veterans is not just goodwill. It’s good business. Their military experience has provided them with education, training, values, leadership skills and teamwork know-how. They have the skills, training and character to meet employers’ challenges. The 2015 Executive Conference featured a presentation and breakout session by Justin Constantine, a former Marine and attorney who works as an inspirational speaker and leadership consultant and serves as a liaison between the corporate and military communities.

Higher Education Contacts

Member companies want to recruit from colleges and universities that offer degree programs in areas of supply chain, industrial distribution, technology, product marketing, etc. Our Getting Involved With Universities page provides a resource list by geographic location to assist companies reach out for recruitment and internship possibilities – as well as give back by volunteering to be a guest lecturer or offer case study opportunities.

Career and Internship Resources

Many ECIA member companies have specific sites available to peruse job openings and career opportunities. The industry has openings for a variety of positions – from accounting to marketing and engineering to sales. , check out some of these company sites for specific job postings. With a career in the electronic components industry, you can work in your own backyard or across the globe! Download the industry overview and career infographics to use when recruiting and training.