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ECIA & and the ECIA Foundation

Our member companies manufacture and sell electronic components. We work with FIRST® in a number of ways:

  • encourage our members to become mentors and sponsors of local teams
  • donate almost 2 million components to the Kit of Parts each year - which helps FIRST® keep costs down
  • invite FIRST® teams to our events which enables them to meet and make valuable corporate connections in their area


first-steamworks-3dcolor-fnl-e-01Download 3-D Printer Files!

We asked teams to give us ideas for some cool tools and other items to 3-D print.

Now Available:  Download the 2017 branded wire/sheet metal gauge ECIA FIRST STEAMworks Team Tool file


 Send Us Your Story or Photo

arduino-bookTell us about using the Team Tools and, while supplies last, we'll send your team a copy of the "Getting Started with Arduino" book by founder Massimo Banzi.  Banzi recently spoke at the ECIA conference and we are pleased to be able to offer FIRST® teams this reference. Send communication to Debbie Conyers:




The Tools

Branded tools are designed by FIRST® alum Tim Balz, a student at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and the founder of a 501C-3 charity that has given more than 100 individuals the freedoms of mobility. During high school he served as the captain of his FRC® team 3 years beginning with the team’s rookie season.

 2016 Wire Gage Reference Tool Complimentary of ECIA (1)

Additional files

Cellphone holder:

Cellphone Cable Protector:

Resistor lead forming tool:

Cable Management:

Wingnut Cover:


Name Tag to mount on Robot:

Stubby Screwdriver Handle:

Business card holder:

Key and Wallet Holder