Getting Involved with FIRST®

Some of the world's most respected companies provide funding, mentorship time and talent, volunteers, equipment and more to make FIRST® a reality. The possibilities are endless. ECIA focuses on securing certain components needed to build 3,500 kits for the annual competitions.

For complete details on how to proceed with a donation please email Debbie Conyers or phone: (678) 393-9990.

ECIA wants to know what you’re doing – and acknowledge your company and employees. Send us an email, press release or photo and we will make sure you get some recognition.

There Are a Number of Ways to Get Involved

Volunteer at an event, be a mentor or coach, host a company visit with a local team or donate to the Kit of Parts. We can help your company increase its visibility to a new generation of scientific minded students - your future employees and customers.

Join the ECIA Tech Challenge - Submit a Team Tool!

The ECIA Foundation is providing a website resource page for FIRST®  teams to provide tool files ready to be downloaded and printed. The first 3-D printer file is a wire gauge checker branded with the 2016 FIRST game logo.

We need your help!

Does your company have enthusiasts able to submit other useful tool files? Are you coaching a team that has ideas about what resources they need? This would be an excellent opportunity to brand your company on a team tool. ECIA will spread the word about the resource page and drive awareness of the companies involved. Contact Debbie Conyers for details.

Provide parts to the BOM

ECIA members can assist FIRST® in obtaining the electronic parts needed for certain components included in the Kit of Parts sent to each team in the robotics competition.

For five years through ECIA, members have provided component donations to the BOM - an amount in excess of 6 million parts!

ECIA members have supported FIRST® since 2011 - help us keep up this incredible work!

Product donation vouchers

A Product Donation Voucher, or PDV allows teams to visit the supplier’s site and order parts that a team may need for the competition but are not included in the basic competition kit. The PDV must be of such a value that it covers the cost of parts that a team needs, rather than what amounts to a coupon or discount on parts. For example, a PDV for $20 is really a $20-off coupon and thus inducement to buy when the least expensive, useful item is $120. Interested? Contact Debbie Conyers.

Invite a team

Add a little interest to a company meeting or trade show, considering contacting a local FIRST® team. They’ll show up with enthusiasm to demonstrate their robotics and discuss the importance of the support they receive.

Please visit the FIRST® Robotics Competition web site for more details about FIRST®’s mission and program at

Provide financial support

Your generous donation to FIRST® will help ensure that students have access to the unique learning experiences FIRST® offers. By making your unrestricted gift to the Annual Fund, you will allow FIRST® the flexibility to allocate funds where they are most needed, including to regional events, teams, and operational expenses.

You may send your check made payable to "FIRST®", to:
FIRST® Finance
200 Bedford Street
Manchester, NH 03101

Please indicate that you are an ECIA member on the check or in an accompanying letter.

For any questions on monetary donations, you may contact FIRST® at 1-800-871-8326, ext. 429. FIRST® is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity and donations to FIRST® are tax deductible to the extent provided by current IRS tax laws and regulations (EIN # 22-2990908).