Connectors 101

Connectors 101

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There are 23 names in this directory beginning with the letter W.
Watertight Cable
A cable that contains internal water blocking compounds.

Wave Soldering
A process in which items to be soldered are brought in contact with a gently overflowing wave of liquid solder that is circulated by a pump in an appropriately designed solder pot reservoir.

Welded Connection
A connection made by welding.

The formation of a relatively uniform, smooth, unbroken and adherent film of solder to a base material.

Movement of liquid solder along a metallic surface by capillary action.

Wiping Action
Action of two electrical contacts that come in contact by their contact surfaces sliding against each other.

Wire Barrel

Wire Extraction Tool (IDC)
A device for extracting the wire(s) from the insulation displacement termination.

Wire Insertion Tool
A hand or power operated tool for producing an insulation displacement connection by inserting the wire(s) in a controlled manner to a predetermined position in the slot(s).

Wire Range
The sizes of conductors accommodated by a particular wire barrel. Also the diameters of wires or cables accommodated by a sealing grommet.

Wire Seal
An elastomeric grommet on the rear of a connector that seals around each wire to preclude the entrance of water or moisture.

Wire Size
A numerical designation for a conductor, usually expressed in terms of American Wire Gauge (AWG), based on the approximate circular mil area of the conductor.

Wire Stop
A stop at the end of a terminal wire barrel that prevents wire from passing completely through the barrel in such a way as to interfere with the function of the contact.

Wire Wrap
A brand name for a system involving connecting bare solid wire to a square pin for a connection, by wrapping the wire around the sharp edges of the pin. Also known as solderless wrap.

A network of conducting elements, usually discrete insulated wires that form a part or parts of an electrical system. The conducting elements are generally but not exclusively terminated in an electrical connector device.

Withdrawal Force
The force required to fully withdraw a set of mating components without the effect of a coupling, locking or similar device.

Work Curve
A graph that plots the pull out force, indent force, and relative conductance of a crimp joint as a function of various depths of crimping.

Working Voltage
Maximum voltage at which a connector is rated to operate. Also see (SERVICE RATING).

Wrap Contact
A contact designed to accept a wrapped connection.

Wrap Post
A termination post that accepts a wrapped connection.

Wrap Removal Tool
A tool to remove a wrapped connection by unwrapping.

Wrapped Connection
A connection achieved by wrapping a solid conductor around a post.

Wrapping Tool
A tool used to make a wrapped connection.