Connectors 101

Connectors 101

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There are 8 names in this directory beginning with the letter V.
Vapor Phase
A method of simultaneously soldering variously configured component parts. The process is carried out in a specially equipped chamber, and the high temperature of boiling fluorinated hydrocarbon is the heat transfer medium.

Vapor Phase Compatible
The ability of a connector or socket and all required ancillary hardware to withstand the heating and cooling processes and other exposures involved in reflow soldering using the vapor phase soldering method.

Via Hole
A plated through-hole used as an interlayer connection, but in which there is no intention to insert a component lead or other reinforcing material.

Virtual Contact Width
Combination of the width of the contact face together with any positional variation of the contact.

The term most often used in place of electromotive force, potential, potential difference, or voltage drop, to designate electrical pressure that exists between two points and is capable of producing a flow of current when a closed circuit is connected between two points.

Voltage Proof
A test voltage equivalent to the working voltage multiplied by a safety factor.

Voltage Rating
The highest voltage that may be continuously applied to a wire or cord in conformance with standards or specifications.

Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR)
NEEDS EQUATIONS The ratio of the maximum magnitude of the voltage on a line to the minimum magnitude at any given point. VSWR can be expressed by the following equations: or Vinc = incident voltage wave amplitude Vrefl = reflected voltage wave amplitude Г = reflection coefficient