Connectors 101

Connectors 101

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There are 44 names in this directory beginning with the letter T.
Telephone Plug
A free connector consisting of two or more contacts on a common shank.

Tensile Pull
Amount of axial load required to break or pull wire from the crimped barrel of a terminal, splice, or contact.

Tensile Strength
Greatest longitudinal stress that a substance can bear without pulling apart.

A brand name for a system involving connecting bare solid or stranded wire to a square pin for a connection, using a compression termination technique of wrapping the wire around the sharp edges of the pin.

A device attached to the end of a conductor to provide both mechanical and electrical connections to a post, stud, chassis or another terminal.

Terminal Block
An assembly containing connection provisions to facilitate the connection of one or more conductors.

Terminal Board
A board fabricated from an insulating material containing a single or multiple row or arrangement of termination points for the purpose of making connections.

Terminal End
A component to be fitted to a conductor for attachment to a terminal.

Terminal Lug

Terminal Plate
A conductive busing bar or commoning bar (link, jumper bar).

Terminal Strip

Terminal Style
The design or configuration of a terminal. (see TERMINAL)

Terminal, Eyelet
A terminal or tab that is a pierced or a closed hook shape, providing a good mechanical as well as electrical connection.

Terminal, Fork
A fork shaped or split terminal used in solder applications.

Terminal, Hook
A terminal or tab that is hook shaped to provide a good mechanical as well as an electrical connection when a wire is soldered to it; used on hermetic connectors. Also known as solder hook terminal.

Terminal, Spade Tongue
Slotted tongue terminal designed to slip around a screw or stud without removal of the screw or nut.

A permanent connection or the part of a contact, terminal or terminal end to which a conductor is normally connected.

Termination [electronics usage]
An impedance connected to the end of a transmission line, typically to minimize reflected energy on the line.

Termination Extraction Tool
A device for extracting a press-in termination from a printed board.

Termination Insertion Tool
A device used to insert press-in terminations or components equipped with press-in terminations into a printed board.

Termination Point
The part of a contact, terminal of a contact, terminal or terminal end to which a conductor is normally attached.

A device that terminates an optical fiber and provides a means to locate and contain the optical fiber within a connector.

Test Probe Proof
A design feature incorporated in a female contact and or insert to prevent damage by the insertion of a test probe.

Thermal Aging
Exposure to a given thermal condition or a programmed series of conditions for prescribed periods of time.

Thermal Rating
The maximum and/or minimum temperature at which a material will perform its function without undue degradation.

Thermal Shock
The resulting characteristics when a material is subjected to rapid and wide range changes in temperature in an effort to discover its ability to withstand heat and cold.

Thermal Wipe
A slight movement of mated contacts caused by thermal expansion or contraction of parts.

Thermocouple Contact
Contact of special material used in connectors employed in thermocouple applications. Materials often used are iron, constantan, copper chromel, alumel, and others.

A classification of resin that can be readily softened and resoftened by repeated heating.

A classification of resin which cures by chemical reaction when heated and, when cured, cannot be resoftened by reheating.

Threaded Coupling
A means of mating connectors by engaging threads in a coupling ring with threads on a receptacle shell.

Through Connection

A silver-white, ductile metal used to coat conductors, especially when solder termination is to be used.

The protrusion, usually flat in configuration, of a terminal that is designed to be fastened to a stud, terminal block, chassis, or inserted in a receptacle.

Total Post Length
The length of the post from the mounting plane to the tip.

Triaxial Construction
The construction of a connector, contact or cable having a coaxial construction but with two shields, each being separated with dielectric material. Triaxial construction allows signals to be transmitted on both the center conductor and the inner shield while the outer shield is at ground potential. (see COAXIAL and TWINAXIAL for comparison).

Triaxial Contact
Assembly of three contacts arranged coaxially as inner, intermediate, and outer contacts, enabling the termination of shielded triaxial or twisted pair cables. (Sometimes referred to as concentric twinax) (see triaxial construction).

Tubular Terminal
A terminal manufactured from tubing rather than flat stock.

Tuning Fork Contact
A resilient contact having a shape similar to that of a tuning fork, the two arms of which apply contact force in opposite directions.

Turn of Wire
A single helical ring of wire wrapped 360 degrees around a wrap post.

Turret Head
A device attached to a crimping tool, having multiple positions that can be rotated to position a specific conductor barrel between the indenters.

Twinaxial Construction
The construction of a connector, contact or cable with two insulated elements paired together with a common overall shield. (see COAXIAL and TRIAXIAL for comparison).

Twist-On Connector
A connector that is mated by axial force and locked by rotation of the locking device.

Two-Piece Connector
An interconnecting device in which one mating piece is permanently mounted to the printed circuit board (generally by soldering) while the other is attached to equipment.