Connectors 101

Connectors 101

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There are 15 names in this directory beginning with the letter O.
Offset Tongue Terminal
A terminal whose tongue is forward of its barrel and whose stud hole is offset from the centerline of the conductor barrel.

Ohmic Contact
A contact between two materials across which the voltage is the same regardless of the direction of the current flow.

Open Barrel Terminal
A terminal with an open conductor and/or insulation barrel that is designed to be crimped around a conductor or wire.

Open Entry Contact
A socket type contact, unprotected from possible damage or distortion from a test probe or other wedging device.

Operating Interface
The surface at which a connector is normally separated.

Operating Temperature (Internal)
The maximum internal operational temperature capabilities of a connector in continuous service.

Operating Termperature (Ambient)
The maximum environment temperature that a device may function on a continuous basis.

Operating Wavelength
The optical wavelength (often expressed in nanometers) at which the system is intended to operate.

Optical Fiber
A fiber is a single discrete optical transmission element usually composed of fiber core, fiber cladding and coating.

Optical Link
A fiber optic cable system consisting of assembled cables, connector, penetrators, couplers and splices used to interconnect electro-optical devices (e.g., sources and detectors) in a system.

A system providing alternative polarization to prevent cross-mating of similar components when, used on the same equipment.

De-aeration or other gaseous emission from a device (printed circuit board, component, or connector) when exposed to reduced pressure, heat, or both.

Outlet Nut
An accessory that secures the cable outlet to the body of the connector.

That portion of the electrical signal that goes over or past the specified target level during the process of a signal excursion.

The addition of oxygen to a metal to form oxides (rust, etc.).