Connectors 101

Connectors 101

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There are 11 names in this directory beginning with the letter N.
Near End Crosstalk Ratio (next)
The crosstalk ratio calculated on the quiet line at or near the sending (signal source) end of the driven line.

Common name for polychloroprene. A material most often used as a cable jacketing compound.

The portion of a crimping die that supports the barrel during crimping.

A cut or notch in a conductor's strands or insulation.

Non-Accessible Insulation Displacement Termination
An insulation displacement termination in which it is not possible to access test points for carrying out mechanical tests (e.g. transverse extraction force) and electrical measurements (e.g. contact resistance) without deactivation of any design features intended to establish and/or maintain the insulation displacement connection. This is mainly true when the insulation displacement connection is enclosed in a component.

Non-Reusable Insulation Displacement Termination
An insulation displacement termination that can only be used once.

Non-Watertight Cable
A cable that contains no intentionally installed internal water blocking materials.

Noncontaminating Compound
A compound material that will not leach ingredients, so as to contaminate or degrade adjacent materials under given environmental conditions.

A condition whereby a surface has contacted molten solder, but has had none of the solder adhere to it.

Normal Force
The force on a contact member perpendicular to the contact interface plane.

Normal Insertion Force
A socket in which the contact surfaces touch as they are mated and demated. Values are generally established as a force above one Newton (.225 pound) per contact.