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Who We Are

Big Zeta’s experienced team of engineers, designers, and strategists deliver great digital experiences and saas search products through revolutionary search, strategy, and execution. We provide a path to digital transformation for electronics companies through industry tailored customer insights and comprehensive industry knowledge. Big Zeta has over 100 years electronic industry experience providing industry knowledge for digital transformation exclusive to the electronics industry.

What We Do

Electronics companies come to Big Zeta to deliver on their digital vision and to digitally transform their business. With our deep industry experience and customer intelligence services, we help companies of all sizes create great digital experiences for their customers. Our electronics-tailored website redesigns, keyword and parametric search engines, intuitive design tools, and custom dev projects create a holistic approach that moves design engineers down the digital design cycle, converting in your demand funnel.

Our Legacy

With over 100 years of combined experience in electronics, Big Zeta works with the industry’s top companies to provide cutting edge digital services that elevate and grow brands. Our commitment to innovation, collaboration, and customer service are unprecedented, and we’re dedicated to helping you navigate an increasingly digital world with powerful search, effective tools, and custom dev projects.

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