Association Service Award Honorees

Lifetime Achievement Award

The ECIA Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to an individual who has played a vital role in the shaping and direction of the industry and made unparalleled contributions to its development and success. In its 30 plus year history, this special award has only been presented to 7 individuals. In 1987, Tony Hamilton of Avnet was the first recipient. It was another 9 years before the award was given again, this time to Robert Galvin of Motorola. In 1998 Seymour Schweber was honored and in 1999, Gordon Marshall. In 2002, Jerry Sanders of Advanced Micro Designs received the tribute and Dr. Zandman of Vishay was honored in 2009. Steve Kaufman received it in 2010.

HarperJim2012CJim Harper, Harper and Two:  Jim’s career started with Kemet in 1965. He moved to Avnet in 1969 and held a number of management positions there from 1969 through 1990. He founded Harper Electronics in 1983 and the company was acquired by Avnet in 1985.  Jim became a Divisional President.  His profession took him to a variety of cities across the country before he formed Harper and Two in 1991 and settled in Manhattan Beach. During Jim's extensive career, he served tirelessly on many different industry boards including ERA Southern California. Jim was instrumental in forming ECIA and has been a great supporter of the association. His service on the founding ECIA Board of Directors was very valuable in crafting a strong value proposition for manufacturer rep firms.   We congratulate Jim and thank him for his many contributions, hard work and dedication.

Gail S. Carter Awards

The Association's highest honor, the Gail S. Carter Award, acknowledges an electronics industry leader for their significant contributions to the industry and their active role in the association and civic affairs.

Lee DavDavidson_LeeCidson, Allied Electronics: Lee joined Allied in 2002 as Vice President of Product Management and was promoted to President in the summer of 2005, where he served until January 2013. Under Lee’s leadership, business sales grew from $180 million to $440 million. Prior to Allied, Lee worked 26 years at Carlton-Bates Company.

Lee has served tirelessly on several industry Boards. He was elected to the NEDA board in 2005 and was a founding ECIA Board member in 2011. He has also served on the Executive Committee. Lee was elected to the EDS Board in May 2010 and will complete his term in 2016.  He served as EDS President in 2013 and 2014. Lee brings a clear vision to Board work and provides a well-respected point of view.

Mark LLarson_MarkCarson, Digi-Key Corporation:  Mark has led Digi-Key for almost 4 decades, with success deeply rooted in the hometown values of Thief River Falls.  Mark is one of the handful of true pioneers in the distribution industry. In 1996, the company launched, the first of its many sales websites.

Even with his hectic business schedule managing a global company, Mark has generously served on the board of directors and executive committee of NEDA and currently serves on the ECIA board and is a member of its Executive Committee. He is also a member of the Electronic Distribution Industry Council.

It is not only the electronics industry that values Mark - in July he was inducted into the 2014 Minnesota Business Hall Of Fame for his lifetime contributions to the state’s economy and greater community.

Distinguished Service Awards

The Association also honors industry executives with the Distinguished Service Award for significant contributions to the association. Nominated by the ECIA Board of Directors, these individuals are chosen because of their devotion of time and skill to advance the association and the industry.

Chuck Amsden, Mouser Electronics

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Chuck is the Director of Quality and brings over 25 years of quality assurance and compliance experience to the role. Chuck currently serves as a contributing member to several SAE G-19 Committees, working on standards for mitigating counterfeits in the electronic components supply chain. His efforts were instrumental in the recent publication of AS6496 – the definitive authorized distribution standard.  ECIA is indebted to his work on the SAE committee and providing a voice for the industry. Chuck also serves on EICA’s Supply Chain Council; Certificate of Conformity Committee and the Excess Inventory Committee.

Mark Conley, O’Donnell Associates North

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Mark was instrumental in the formation of ECIA in 2011 and has served on the Board ever since.  In addition to ECIA, Mark has been very active with ERA. He was elected ERA president in 2011 and is now Chairman of the Board. He is serving his 12th year on ERA’s Conference Program Committee. Mark also served on the EDS Board of Directors.  ECIA is grateful for his energy, thoughtful guidance and willingness to share a rep’s perspective with the goal of making the association stronger by increased rep participation.

Rick Dwyer, Intel

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Rick serves Intel as its VP, Sales & Marketing and GM, WW Embedded Sales Group. He has been an active board member of NEDA and ECIA. He was a featured speaker last year at the Executive Conference. We are pleased to recognize his dedication to the industry and the association with this honor.

Leon Hamiter, Components Technology Institute

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  Leon worked for NASA for over 20 years, eventually becoming head of the NASA Parts Program Office. He has over fifty years of experience in the electronics components business! With that understanding of the critical importance of electronic components, he founded the Capacitor and Resistor Technical Symposium (CARTS) in 1984 and remains an active and passionate supporter of the meeting. At the CARTS event last March, he was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award.  He has served as the program committee chair for CARTS since the inception of the event.

Barry Lawrence, Texas A&M

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  Barry is the Program Director of the Industrial Distribution Program and Supply Chain Systems Laboratory at Texas A&M University. He is involved in graduate, undergraduate, and professional continuing education teaching activities, funded research projects, publications and industry presentations. His contributions to the electronics industry have helped define best practices and advanced the profession. He conducted the seminal NEDA-funded research that quantified the value of authorized distribution.  The programs at Texas A&M are known for their excellence and Barry has played a key role in their development.

Steve Nelson, Freescale

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Steve is the Director of Ecosystem and Marketing Platforms, and also serves as Executive Director – IoT for Freescale Semiconductor. As a veteran of more than 25 years of semiconductor, software and technology industry experience, he has an extensive background in engineering, marketing and international business. Steve served on ECIA’s Marketing Council and was instrumental in determining specific needs of the Supply Chain Council. Thanks to Steve and countless hours of production, ECIA has a videos that demonstrate the benefits and efficiencies of 2-D barcoding. We appreciate his level of commitment and dedication to council work - thanks Steve.

Paul Nielsen, Brainard-Nielsen Marketing

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Paul is President and owner of Brainard-Nielsen Marketing, Inc. Throughout his career, he has served on a number of rep councils, been a member of best practices rep groups, and has won various awards. Currently, Paul is the National President of ERA, and is on the Board of Directors for ECIA. Previously, he served six years on the board of EDS.  When asked to devote time and energy on behalf of the industry and association, you can count on Paul to study the situation and provide an insightful plan of progress. We are very fortunate to have Paul on the ECIA leadership team.

Kevin Sink, TTI, Inc.

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Kevin is the VP, Total Quality at TTI, Inc. He became involved in the counterfeit electronic component issue as a member of ECIA and SAE committees. Kevin serves as the co-chair of SAE’s G-19AD committee, the committee that wrote the standard for counterfeit mitigation for Authorized Distributors, G-19D for independent distributors as a voice of the authorized channel, G-19T for related definitions and the G-19 Chairs committee.  His efforts advanced the brand of the authorized channel and set a new benchmark for committee organization and action within SAE. We are indebted to Kevin for his service to the industry.

Walter Tobin, Future Electronics

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Walter started in his industry career in 1973. For the past 8 years he has worked at Future Electronics as its Corporate Vice President with responsibility for Global EMS and several Global OEM customers.  Walter has served the association as a Board member for NEDA, ECIA and the ECIA Foundation for many years. His energy, quick wit and laser focus helped make board meetings interesting and productive. Walt has been a repeat volunteer year after year as part of Project Host and the Student Ambassadors really enjoyed his industry perspective.

ECIA Marketing Awards

This annual competition is open to ECIA member companies of good standing only. The winners of the ECIA Marketing Awards were announced at the ECIA Executive Conference.

The award program is sponsored by the ECIA and Penton Media. Thanks to Penton Media for their generous support of this competition!