Member Information

Q: Where can I find the ECIA Member logo so that I can add this to my company’s website?

A: Once you’ve logged into your profile, you will see a “Welcome” box with your name. Under the links, click on “Member Resources.” Under “ECIA Member Logos” click on “Download logo files and logo usage guidelines.” Only certain individuals within an organization have access to these logos, if your unable to access them, please notify admin@ecianow.org.


Q: Some of my colleagues are receiving ECIA newsletters/mailings. How do I sign up so that I can start receiving them as well?

A: To start receiving our news/mailings, please visit our website to create a user profile: https://www.ecianow.org/my-ecia/, and then click on the “please register” link.

If you already have a user profile, simply log-in and update your mailing preferences.


Q: How do I make a payment for membership dues, event registration, sponsorship, or anything else?

A: We accept credit cards and checks. You may call and pay by phone at: 678-393-9990, fax: 678-393-9998, or mail a check payable to Electronic Components Industry Association, 310 Maxwell Road, Suite 200, Alpharetta GA 30009.


Q: Where can I view industry statistics?

A: To view industry statistics on our website, you must be logged into your ‘My ECIA’ profile. If you don’t have one, you can create one here: https://www.ecianow.org/my-ecia/ using your company email address. Once logged in, click on the “Knowledge Center” tab (https://www.ecianow.org/knowledge-center/). Then click on the “Industry Stats and Analytics.”


Q: I would like to learn more about the different ECIA councils and becoming a participant.

A: Great! You can learn more information on the different councils here: https://www.ecianow.org/about-ecia/councils/. Contact information is listed on each council page. For general inquiries, contact ECIA at: 678-393-9990.


Q: How can I become nominated to be on the Board of Directors, Foundation Board of Directors, or any other Standing Committees?

A: Please contact Bill Bradford at: bbradford@ecianow.org, or Robin Gray at: rgray@ecianow.org.

You can find more information on Boards/Standing Committees at: https://www.ecianow.org/about-ecia/board-of-directors/


Q: My company would like to be featured in an upcoming ECIA press release.

A: For press release inquiries, please contact Jennifer Read at: jread@ecianow.org


Q: What are the best ways for my company to gain publicity from our ECIA membership?

A: We regularly highlight our new member on our weekly newsletter, as well as press releases.

Additional ways in which your company can use ECIA as a marketing tool are: becoming a sponsor, join a board/committee/council, network through event attendance, sign up for ECIAauthorized inventory site, become a industry-topic speaker at an upcoming event, and of course, don’t forget to proudly display the ECIA Member logo on your company website…just to name a few! For general inquiries, please contact us at: 678-393-9990.


Q: I have a great idea for ECIA. Who can I talk to?

A: We would love to hear it!

You can send your suggestions through our Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ecianow/), Twitter (https://twitter.com/eciaNOW), email us at: ECIASuggestionBox@ecianow.org, or give us a call at: 678-393-9990.




Q: How do I find upcoming ECIA events?

A: Under “Connection Points” you will find a full list of all our events. For upcoming events click here: https://www.ecianow.org/connection-points/upcoming-meetings/


Q: Can I view past presentations?

A: Yes. All of our event presentations are uploaded on our Events Mobile App. To download our app, search ECIA Events in the App Store or Google Play. Presentations are posted under “Materials”.

If you wish to view them on your computer screen, you can also access the app from your web browser: app.resultsathand.com/ecia.

Another way to view without downloading the app: Go to the “Connection Points” tab on our website: https://www.ecianow.org/connection-points/, click on the specific event type (regional, executive conference, etc.), click on the event that you wish to view, and next to each speaker, you will find the presentation link.


Q: What is the ECIA Events Mobile App all about?

A: Download the ECIA Events app. Resources, sessions, notifications...all at your fingertips! For Android and Apple users, search for ECIA Events in the App Store or Google Play. You can also access the app from your web browser: visit app.resultsathand.com/ecia.

Once you have access, sign in with your work email address and create a passcode to secure your profile. Tap Profile to update your information, upload a picture, and adjust your sharing settings.

The ECIA App is open year-round to manage all the events. To access information on the Regional Events and the Executive Conference, tap "All Events". Presentations are posted under "Materials". The Mobile App is generously sponsored by Allied Electronics.


Q: My company would like to become a sponsor. How do I learn more about sponsorship opportunities?

A: There are a variety of sponsorship opportunities to fit various budgets and interests. To learn more about the different types of sponsorship opportunities, please contact Debbie Conyers: dconyers@ecianow.org


Q: I am interested in giving a presentation at an upcoming ECIA event.

A: Great! We are always looking for new speakers. Please complete and return the SpeakerSubmissionForm2019.



Q: I am interested in listing my company on the ECIAauthorized site. How can I do this?

A: To be listed on the ECIAauthorized site, please contact Victor Meijers for more information: vmeijers@ecianow.org.


Q: Is there an additional cost to be listed on the ECIAauthorized site?

A: Yes, there is an additional cost to be listed on the ECIAauthorized site. Please contact Victor Meijers for pricing and other information: vmeijers@ecianow.org.