Statistics and Industry Data Councils

The Statistics and Industry Data Councils oversee several programs that collect and provide unique industry data. These include commodity and market segment level sales trends as well as discrete passive electronic components market reports and electronic distribution reports. The primary outputs are the Electronic Component Sales Trends survey (ECST), the MS Series, a collection of 13 individual reports on capacitors, resistors, and inductors that also includes world statistics, and distribution sales by product category (semiconductor, passive, electromechanical and display sales).

(NOTE: In some cases, access to detailed reports varies, depending upon a member company’s level of participation in data sharing.)

Council Charter/Mission

The Councils facilitate, enable and enhance the industry data gathering activities of the association through:

  • Ongoing evaluation and promotion of current programs
  • Recommendation and development of new industry data reporting opportunities
  • Progress reports and recommendations to the ECIA Board of Directors and Members at large

2016 Accomplishments

  • ECIA will continue to serve as Secretariat for World Trade Statistics for Europe (EPCIA), Asia (Japan JEITA) and the Americas (ECIA) including compilation and production of world statistics reports for capacitors, resistors and inductors.
  • Current World Reports were married with semiconductor data for Trend Comparisons.
  • Finalized and implemented the suggested changes to the North American Resistor Reports.
  • Added Supercapacitors \ UltraCapacitors to the MS 401 North America Capacitor Report.
  • ECIA presented regional passive component data at the bi-annual World Trade Statistics Meeting held in Rome, Italy June 14-16. Attendees included passive component manufacturers representing Europe (EPCIA), Japan (JEITA) and the US (ECIA). The meeting agenda included discussion topics on capacitor, inductor and resistor reporting for 2016 and 2017 by region of the world along with market segment presentations on the automotive, industrial, telecom and computing markets.

2017 Goals/Objectives

  • Determine a go or no go on the Relay, Switch and Power Supply global statistics project.
  • Publish DTAM by North America regional markets quarterly for 2017.
  • Research statistical data analytics sharing opportunities between ECIA and IHS, DMASS & Bishop.
  • Revise DTAM report to include additional product categories based on participants survey results.
  • Implement the changes to the World Statistics Reports agreed to at the World meeting in Rome.
  • Implement the changes to the North America passive components reports agreed to during the PCMS webcast.
  • Publish a statistics Brochure in 2017 for members and prospective members.
  • Continue to expand and improve executive summaries and report graphs based on ECIA member request.
  • Continue quarterly press releases referencing ECIA market data.

Passive Components Statistics Council

AVX Corporation
Cornell Dubilier
Kemet Electronics
KOA Speer Electronics, Inc.
Murata Electronics, N.A. Inc.
Ohmite Manufacturing Co.
Panasonic Corporation
Stackpole Electronics, Inc.
TDK Corporation of America
Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.

For more information about the council contact:Passive Components Statistics Council Chair: Steve Maloy

Electronic Distribution Statistics Council

Avnet Inc.
Digi-Key Electronics
Mouser Electronics
TTI, Inc.

If you are interested in being considered for a committee, please email:Statistics and Industry Data Council Chair: (open)
Interim Contact: Jim Bruorton, ECIA

Staff: Jim Bruorton
Phone: 864-901-4166