Mike Morton

Member Company
TTI, Inc.

Member Title
Corporate Senior Vice President and President of Global Sales & Marketing

Board Role
Distributor Director

Term Dates
1/1/2019 to 12/31/2020

Contact Information
Phone: 817-740-9000
Email: mike.morton@ttiinc.com

Member Bio
Associated with distribution for 40+ years, Mike entered the industry in 1971 with Nash Hardware. Mike held positions in purchasing and major account sales positions.

In 1976 Mike and two partners, formed American Distribution Systems based in Arlington, Texas. Early pioneers in what today has become a growing logistical business model more commonly known as “3PL” or “fee for service” logistical services. Although outside of electronic components, Mike and partners recognized the need and importance of creating a model allowing manufacturers to get their products to market as efficiently as possible. Business was sold allowing capitalization of business.

In 1978 Mike joined TTI. TTI was a Texas only based business with a staff of 10 and annual revenues of ~$2M. Today, Mike is one of only 4 people who have been with TTI for a period of 35 years or more.

Throughout the years Mike has had the opportunity to help build TTI and participate to some level in most all areas of the business. Requesting to start employment in warehouse to gain knowledge of products. By 1992 Mike’s responsibilities expanded to also include Product Marketing responsibilities of connectors. In 2000 responsibilities were expanded to Global Product Marketing and Operations. Outside of his direct responsibilities in Product Marketing, Mike has taken an active role in the systemic development of the TTI Inventory Management programs as well as the TTI ‘MRP1’ customer inventory replenishment programs.

Mike has been actively involved in the building of TTI’s global organization. In 2014 Mike became President of TTI Americas. Today, Mike is a member of Corporate Staff as a Corporate Senior Vice President and President of Global Sales & Marketing.