July 18 Newsletter

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In Memorium

James Banovich, Marsh Electronics

ECIA is saddened to learn of the passing of James "Jim" Banovich, Marsh Electronics.
Jim passed away on Saturday, July 14, 2018 in Milwaukee. Jim was a huge sports fan and enjoyed music and playing the accordion. In 1956 Jim started working at Marsh Electronics at the age of 17. What began as a job behind the counter led to owning the company in the early 90's. He served on several boards and was highly respected in this industry; he loved his Marsh Family. Jim twice earned the Distinguished Service Award for his support of NEDA and dedication to the electronics industry. He had a great sense of humor and a generous heart. Jim lived a wonderful and full life!
We send heartfelt condolences to his wife of 60 years Jackie and their extended loving family.   Read the full obituary.

ECIA Hosts Webinar Forum to Discuss Tariffs

ECIA conducted a webinar for its members to address the China Tariffs and provide a forum for their questions. The administration, in its 301 findings, implemented a 25% tariff on many electronic components, effective July 6, 2018.  Additional proposed tariffs affecting our industry have also been proposed.
Robin Gray, General Counsel for ECIA, led the forum, which provided a brief background of the tariffs, an overview of the situation, how tariffs are implemented, how drawbacks and exclusions can be requested, as well as addressing the many issues faced by our industry.

Participants were asked about their interest in working with ECIA to seek tariff exclusions for specific products.  Interested companies are asked to contact Don Elario, ECIA's VP for Industry Practices.

Over 300 members registered for the webinar. "The webinar was an excellent, industry-specific review of the general issues surrounding the tariffs with ideas discussed on alternatives and implementation challenges," commented Blair Haas, CEO of Bud Industries."It also allowed for questions and answers to illuminate the member concerns. Bravo to the Association for coordinating this in such a timely and effective manner."

Read the complete news release and log into your My ECIA profile to access members-only tariff information.

New EIA Standards Projects Opened

Participation in the ECIA standards programs is open to all individuals who are directly and materially affected by matters addressed by the work. The ESC is presently specifically seeking additional participation by the User category. This typically includes, but is not limited to, OEMs, ODMs, Contract Manufacturers, and Electronics Distributors.
The following new EIA Standards projects have recently opened:
  • 5421 - Revision of EIA-747-B Adhesive Backed punched plastic carrier taping of singulated bare die and other surface mount components for automatic handling of devices generally less than 1.0mm thick
  • 5422 - Revision or reaffirmation of test procedures EIA-364-14B, -39B, -45C, -46C, -50-B, -59A and -100A
Please direct any questions concerning the programs to Edward F. Mikoski, Jr, Vice-President of Standards and Technology

Did You Know? 

HBO Recently Spotlighted "a Sporting Event Unlike any Other" - FIRST Robotics Competition

Award-winning journalist Soledad O'Brien, a correspondent for HBO's "Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel," sat down with FIRST® Founder Dean Kamen and visited FIRST teams and events around the U.S. to find out how FIRST is recruiting the next generation of problem solvers, making robotics "a sporting event unlike any other." Check out the full "Real Sports" segment, it's 15 minutes well spent!